Local Car Wreck Attorney Shane Smith tries to prevent a car accident for a local resident while at lunch.  On Wednesday, while at lunch Shane saw a car stall out at the the main intersection in Peachtree City.  Knowing that a breakdown would cause a huge traffic jam there, Shane got out to try and push the car into a nearby parking lot.  Fortunately, it was a downslope and wasn't that hard.  Some traffic had to be directed out of the way, but for a few minutes, we saved a lot of time for everyone and hopefully prevented any car accidents.  The car owner was glad to have the help.  A little extra help on our parts can sometimes help a stranger out a lot.  It reminds me of a movie - Pay it Forward, although not nearly as impressive as the things done there.
Shane Smith
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by cathy November 13, 2009 at 03:49 AM
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