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     The number way most people harm their car accident settlement is ...

Not using their health insurance or med pay to get treatment for their car accident injuries.

Find out why you should always use your health insurance if you are involved in a car accident.  There are many different reasons why it makes a lot of sense to do so

Better Care
No impact on your credit report
Doctor gets paid quicker
You don' get hassled about a bill
You get more money on your car accident settlement

     Find out the reasons why you should do this and be prepared. Some lawyers may tell you not to use your health insurance since it creates more work for them and their staff or they may not be a car accident lawyer.  Check out all of the reasons why so you will be prepared if someone tells you not to use your health insurance to get treatment for your car accident injuries.

P.S.  If you think it is unfair to your health insurance that is covered also, but have they ever sent you a check at the end of the year saying thanks for being healthy all year?
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