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     Many times on an initial call I am asked by my clients what their case is worth.  This is a difficult and usually impossible question to answer.  Your bodily injury case considers several things.  These are the total of your medical bills, the type and length of your medical treatment, your lost wages, your pain and suffering, and whether there is any permanent injury.  Usually in a soft tissue case you do not have any significant document able permanent injury.  If you do then I would not consider it a soft tissue injury case.  When advising clients about the value of their case after a car accident, I always say that it is really impossible to throw a number out telling them what a case is worth.  So much depends on the treatment and the specific facts of their case. 
     Anyone who says they can immediately tell a client what a case is worth is either just trying to get the case by telling the client the case is worth a lot of money or doesn't know a lot about personal injury cases.  Your initial diagnosis might be soft tissue injuries or back and neck strain, but it could easily change if you don't get better.  My experience has shown me that the answer to the question of what is my case worth?  Is almost always it depends.  The worth of a case also depends on you and what you lost because of an accident. 
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