Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith, an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney who limits his practice to Car Wrecks, Car Accidents, Personal Injury, DUI Victims, Slip and Falls, and other injuries relating to Back and Neck Injuries

     Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Shane Smith updates his case results page.  We wanted to provide a small showing of the types of cases we handle.  I frequently get calls from clients who need some advice about their case from an attorney.  Then they will ask me if I even handle a case of their size.  These are usually people who have been involved in a car accident, their was property damage somewhere between $1200 to $5000 to their vehicle, but they did not receive any broken bones.  These clients normally have "soft tissue" or back and neck strain injuries.  Treatment normally consists of a visit to the emergency room after the car accident, a follow up visit with the family doctor or Primary Care Physician (if you have health insurance) and then treatment with a chiropractor or a physical therapist. 
     We help many people get a fair and good result from the insurance companies with these types of injuries.  Sometimes these are harder cases to get a good result on than a big broken bone case.  I once heard a great lawyer I respected say - its easy to get a million dollar case settled, just have a 2 million dollar case. 
     He was indicating that many lawyers can ruin a great big case and think they are helping their clients.  We take cases both large and small where we think we can help someone get a better result than without us.  Some of these cases are large, some aren't.  What is important is that we helped someone be better off than they would have been without us. 
     I do not post numbers after every case.  Ask me to tell you about my large cases and I will.  However, every case is different, just as every person is different.  We pride ourselves on helping our clients, those with big cases, and those with smaller cases.  Go to my website to see just a few of the people we helped.

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