I just posted a news article about a mother and her four children who were involved in a multi-vehicle collision. Fortunately, the children sustained only minor injuries.
According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, each year nearly 250,000 children are injured in car wrecks on American highways. This makes traffic accidents the leading cause of child injury.
Each year about 2,000 of those children die from injuries sustained in automobile collisions. In Atlanta and nationwide, car accidents are the leading cause of permanent acquired disabilities such as brain injuries and paralysis.
Twenty percent of children killed in traffic accidents are killed in collisions involving drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Nearly half of these children were passengers in a vehicle being driven by an intoxicated driver.
In more than half the deaths, the child was not wearing a seat belt or using a child safety seats. Proper restraint can save your child’s life! Not only is an unrestrained child a potential distraction to the driver, but not being restrained dramatically increases the chances that the child will be thrown from the vehicle in a collision. Children who are not restrained are far more likely to suffer serious injuries or to be killed.
Keep your children safe. Never drive while intoxicated and always make sure they are buckled up.  Lean more here.
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