No one expects to be involved in a car accident, especially one caused by a drunk driver. However, these accidents occur more often than you may realize. After being hit by a drunk driver in Atlanta, victims not only have to deal with emotional healing and physical recovery, but they also have to figure out where the money will come from to pay their medical bills, therapy, lost wages, property damages and more.

Although pursuing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court is typically the best avenue to collect fair compensation, there are some other avenues for recovering damages that could include state victim assistance and compensation programs. These programs are available for victims of drunk driving accidents who do not have liability insurance.

The Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program

The Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program provides financial relief by easing the monetary impact of lost wages, medical expenses, mental health counseling, funeral expenses and more. The Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program may not cover all expenses, but it could cover up to $25,000 per victim. However, there are certain guidelines, timelines, and rules which need to be followed in order to qualify for this program. 

If you would like more information about how to recover your losses after you were hit by a drunk driver in Atlanta, call an experienced Atlanta DUI injury attorney. To find someone who is knowledgeable about all of the state programs and other ways to help you gain the financial assistance and fair compensation that you deserve, call Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 or (866) 979-1629 today.

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