Many adults and teenagers alike stay up late watching television, looking at social media sites, or send text messages; however, the start of school or a work day remains the same time every day. This means that many people are not getting the proper amount of sleep their bodies require, resulting in fatigue. 

When those who stay up late and get up early get behind the wheel of their vehicles, they can suffer from daytime sleepiness and have a higher chance of crashing. So, how can drivers stay alert on the road? Besides going to bed at a decent hour, a study found that coffee and other beverages containing caffeine can reduce the crash risk associated with driver fatigue. 

Could it be that drivers need to drink coffee before their morning commute?

A study published in the BMJ, conducted by researchers in Australia, found that drivers who consumed 200-400 mg of caffeine and higher were 63 percent less likely to be involved in a crash than those drivers who did not drink caffeine. This means that multiple cups of coffee may boost alertness and decrease a driver’s chance of being in a Georgia car crash.

However, coffee and caffeine drinks cannot cure sleep deprivation and are no substitute for sleep. People should get adequate sleep and exercise to fight off fatigue, and those who suffer from sleep apnea—a condition that causes people to stop breathing during sleep, leading to disrupted sleep and daytime drowsiness—should get their sleep condition treated.

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