More than 90 percent of Georgia traffic accidents are caused by driver error.  Would there be fewer Atlanta car accidents if cars could drive themselves? We may soon find out.
Google, the company behind Gmail and the popular search engine, has been testing driver-less cars and these remotely controlled cars will soon be introduced to consumers.  Why a driverless car?  Google claims that these vehicles would have fewer accidents and would be fuel efficient.
These cars aren't completely driverless; in fact, the Google cars are always remotely controlled by a human operator and include cameras, artificial intelligence, GPS radars, and lasers.  But, the occupants of the car are free to work, read a book, text, or enjoy the scenery without worry.  
Google has conducted more than 140,000 miles of field tests and now Nevada has become the first state in the United States to approve a license that allows people to own and operate driverless-cars .  Other states may soon follow suit.
So, will driverless cars reduce congestion and accidents on Atlanta freeways? This Atlanta accident attorney is curious.
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