A commercial vehicle accident, like those involving a collision with a delivery truck, 18-wheeler or other similar transportation vehicle, can easily lead to serious injury and damage to all involved. Because of this, many parties choose to file a claim to recoup their costs related to medical treatments, car repairs and more. 

Unfortunately though, commercial vehicle accident claims often provide a degree of difficulty that's bet suited for an Atlanta commercial vehicle accident lawyer.

This is because it’s possible that multiple parties may be liable for damages. 

Several parties that could be liable are: 

  • either driver involved;
  • the company that employs the commercial driver;
  • the leasing company of the commercial truck or vehicle;
  • the manufacturer, installer or service of any vehicle part that may have caused the accident;
  • the insurance companies involved;
  • the persons or company responsible for loading or handling the commercial vehicle’s cargo;
  • the company or employees in charge of creating the routes for the driver; and
  • the company responsible for any hazardous materials that was being transported in the commercial vehicle. 

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