When unsafe road conditions, such as potholes, are left unrepaired and the city or state knows of the risks, they could be held liable for such injuries in the event of an Atlanta motorcycle accident. Such was the case when a dangerous street environment caused a female motorcyclist to crash into a large pothole in northeast Atlanta in 2009.

According to court documents, the city of Atlanta was warned about the dangerous pothole several months prior to the woman’s crash. The records reveal that a metal plate was placed over the pothole after the pothole was reported, but it wasn’t repaired until a couple of days after the woman’s accident. Because metal plates are temporary and aren’t supposed to remain over potholes for longer than 30 days, the city agreed to pay the injured motorcyclist for her injuries.

Potholes aren’t the only dangerous street condition that could cause a motorcyclist to crash. Other unsafe road conditions could include:

  • Loose gravel that was caused by a dump truck spill. If the road was not cleaned up properly, motorcyclists may be at risk.
  • Lack of warning signs. If construction crews fail to put up construction zone warning signs, motorcyclists may be at risk for uneven roadway surfaces and other dangers.
  • Unsafe roads. When a road is designed poorly or repaired badly, leaving uneven metal plates or pools of water, motorcyclists are at increased risk of accidents.

If you suffered injuries in an Atlanta motorcycle crash due to unsafe roads, you need to speak with an experienced accident attorney in Georgia to find out your rights. Call Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 for a complimentary case consultation today.

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