Filing an injury claim for an SUV rollover crash? A Peachtree City auto accident lawyer can help determine if you have a legitimate case and who may be held liable. 

An SUV rollover crash is one of the most serious types of accidents because victims can be ejected from the vehicle or pinned inside. Although there are different causes for this type of auto accident, driver error is common. So there are ways to reduce the risk of a rollover. 

Speeding increases the risk of any type of crash. But in an SUV, the chance of a rollover is significant. This is especially true if you are turning. It is easy to lose control of the vehicle. 

Drifting into another lane may cause you to jerk the steering wheel or hit the accelerator. However, these actions are dangerous in an SUV. You can avoid overcorrecting and causing a rollover crash by taking your foot off the accelerator and gradually steering back into the right path. 

If it’s not your error that increases the risk of a rollover, a collision with another vehicle or object can cause it to happen. Even if you swerve in an attempt to avoid the crash, it can cause the SUV to flip. 

If someone else caused your accident and injuries, he or she could be held liable in an injury claim. You would need to discuss your case with a lawyer who can help determine fault. Unfortunately, there are some common injuries that can result from an SUV crash, and many of them are serious or life-threatening.  

Some examples that could lead to someone filing an injury claim are: 

  • head trauma;
  • broken bones;
  • injury to the spinal cord; and
  • internal organ damage. 

Seeking Help from a Peachtree City Auto Accident Lawyer 

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