An 11-year-old boy was severely injured on Saturday, January 22, when he was struck by a car while walking on Welcome to Arnco Road in western Coweta County.  After an investigation, it was found that the driver had two previous arrests for driving under the influence of drugs.
Hannah Nicole Freeman, 27, was arrested for the third time on Saturday afternoon after allegedly hitting Tracy Gaydoul.  Tracy was walking with his father along the road at the time of the Coweta county pedestrian accident.
Freeman has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs, failure to maintain lane and causing serious injury by motor vehicle.  She was previously arrested on September 27 and on October 
In Georgia, an accident caused by illegal drug is treated the same way as an accident caused by a drunk driver.   
Atlanta drivers who cause an accident while under the influence of illegal drugs may be charged with DUI just as drivers who are under the influence of alcohol.  Victims of Atlanta drugged drivers have the same rights as victims of Georgia drunk driving accidents and may claim both compensatory and punitive damages.  To learn more, read this library article from Atlanta car accident attorney Shane Smith: “What happens when you are hit by a drunk driver ...why is it different than just a simple car accident?
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