Who are the most dangerous drivers on Georgia highways?  You may be surprised. According to a recent study by the AAA, fatality rates increase when drivers are over age 65.  Drivers between the ages of 75 and 84 have fatality rates equal to teen drivers. For drivers over age 85, the car crash fatality rate is four times that of teen drivers!
There are plenty of older drivers who are great drivers.  After all, safe driving is a matter of experience.  However, the health problems that come with old age may affect the driving ability of even the most careful driver.  For example, many of the medications taken for common ailments such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes can impair driving abilities.  
If you have an elderly loved one, you may be worried about their driving ability – especially if they have already been involved in an Atlanta car crash.  You may be unsure how to bring up your concerns.  In our culture, driving is associated with independence, so it I difficult to convince a loved one to give up driving. Atlanta accident attorney Shane Smith offers tips to help you determine if your loved one is at risk from poor driving skills in our article: “Preventing Atlanta Car Crashes: When Is Your Loved One Too Old To Drive?”  This article can help you bring up the topic and possibly save your loved one’s life.
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