You've been injured in a Fulton County car crash.  Within a few days, you get a call from an insurance adjustor.  He sounds friendly and wants to ask you a few questions.  He says he'd like to get this settled right away, so he can mail you a check.  This is a good thing, right? 
Maybe not.
Car Crash Lawyer Tip: Don't Settle Before the Full Extent of Your Injuries Becomes Known
Quick settlements are a common tactic used by insurance adjusters in order to minimize the amount they must pay for your injuries. It may seem appealing to settle quickly and pay off your bills, but once you've accepted a settlement, that's it.  There is no more insurance compensation.  If you agree to a settlement early on before the full extent of your injuries is known, you are responsible for paying for paying for any additional medical care.   
This can add up to thousands of dollars if there are any complications or you need physical therapy or rehabilitation.
Learn more about common insurance company tricks in the article: "Ask a Fulton County Car Crash Attorney: Should I Give A Recorded Statement To The Car Insurance Company?" 
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