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  • Insurance Denials: Another Reason To See A Doctor After An Atlanta DUI Car Crash Learn how to protect your Atlanta DUI injury claim; download Atlanta DUI attorney Shane Smith’s free book: “10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case."
  • Preventing Atlanta DUI Accidents: How Is Blood Alcohol Level Measured? How can you protect your rights after an Atlanta DUI Crash? Request a free copy of Shane Smith's book “I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver. What do I do next?"
  • New Bill May Reduce Atlanta Drunk Driving Accidents If you lost a loved one to a drunk driver in Georgia, Atlanta DUI Injury attorney Shane Smith can help. Mr. Smith works to protect the rights of families who have experienced a DUI death and to get them compensation for their tragic loss. To learn more, contact The Law Offices of Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999
  • What the Other Driver’s BAC Means in Your Drunk Driver Accident Claim The other driver’s BAC can be an important piece of evidence showing their negligence in a Georgia car accident claim. Contact us for help: 1-770-487-8999.
  • I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver. Do I Need a Lawyer? After being hit by a drunk driver, do you need to get a lawyer? The short answer is yes or you will not receive any punitive damages. Georgia DUI victims attorney Shane Smith explains more.
  • Atlanta DUI Victims | Angry at Drunk Driver If you were hit by a drunk driver it is okay to feel anger and rage against. It is also okay to feel sorry for them. Many clients of ours go from one to another and back again. Emotions are a part of the process of healing from a drunk driving accident. We can help you with this process whether you are in Atlanta or some other part of Atlanta.
  • Hit by a DUI Driver in Atlanta | subpoena | testify in court If you were hit by a drunk driver you may get notice of a subpoena to come testify at the hearing. You may want to testify. Is your testimony going to make the judge punish the drunk driver? Are they going to pay for your injuries? Find out where our DUI victims lawyer says about the criminal DUI hearing and why it will not find justice for the victim.
  • Is there a difference between DUI and DWI in Georgia? The state of Georgia does not differentiate between DUI and DWI. In Georgia the term DUI is used because it encompasses the use of both drugs and alcohol. To learn more about your rights after an DUI crash in Georgia, call Atlanta car accident attorney Shane Smith at 770-HURT-999.
  • Holiday weekends mean a high risk for Georgia DUI accidents Alcohol is a major factor in holiday weekend accidents. In 2008, 491 Americans lost their lives in Fourth of July car crashes. Forty-three percent of those deaths were caused by drunk drivers. The Atlanta car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Shane Smith hope you have a happy and safe Independence Day. But,if the unthinkable happens and you are involved in a car accident, we are here to help. Contact our office anytime at 770-HURT-999.
  • ATLANTA CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER SETTLES COWETA COUNTY DUI VICTIM Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer settles DUI victims rear end collision case at mediation. The case settled for four times the initial offer. We fought for punitive damages and stuck to our guns when dealing with the insurance company. Of course, each case is different but this shows why you need an attorney who knows about DUI cases and can help you get the compensation you deserve when hit by a drunk driver.
  • Drunk driving deaths are a serious problem in Atlanta Georgia is ranked sixth in the nation for drunk driving and DUI fatalities. In 2008, alcohol-impaired driving led to 416 fatalities on Georgia roads and to countless injuries. Insurance companies will do their best to minimize the amount they are required to pay, even in drunk driving cases when it is clear who is at fault. Punitive damages are rarely awarded unless an attorney asks for them. If you have been injured by a driver under the influence of alcohol or have lost a loved one to a DUI car crash, contact the Atlanta Law Offices of Shane Smith. Call 770-HURT-999 to talk to a lawyer about your DUI injury case.
  • Atlanta Tow Truck driver at DUI scene also charged with DUI A tow truck driver sent to the scene of a DUI accident was arrested and charged with DUI when troopers smelled alcohol on his breath. Drivers under the influence drive faster and are more reckless than drivers who have not been drinking. Georgia ranks 6th in the nation for alcohol-related traffic deaths. If you or a loved one were injured in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver, you have rights. You are eligible for compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages. Contact The Law Offices of Shane Smith to learn more.
  • Georgia DUI Car Accidents- Why you need an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Find out why you need a lawyer if you were hit by a DUI driver in Atlanta or Georgia. Ask the insurance adjuster these questions and after he ignores you call an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer, like those at our firm - Hurt 999.

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