The Governors Highway Safety Association recently released preliminary statistics for 2010 pedestrian accident fatalities. For the first time in five years, pedestrian fatalities are expected to increase.  It is a small increase (only .04%), but it is of concern because there was a significant decrease (8%) in overall traffic fatalities during the same time period.
Nationally, pedestrian accidents account for 12 percent of traffic deaths.
Experts believe that the increase may be attributed to an increase in the number of pedestrians. As fuel costs rise, more people are walking in order to save gas and money.  People are also walking in order to improve their health.
Another factor that may contribute to an increase in pedestrian accidents is distraction.  Distracted driving rates are increasing, but distracted walkers may also be to blame.  A pedestrian who is listening to music, texting or talking on a cell phone may not notice dangerous situations.
The third factor that contributes to pedestrian death is intoxication.  More than one half of pedestrians who died in traffic accidents in 2010 were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
In 2009, Georgia was ranked sixth in the United States for the number of pedestrian accidents.
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