The first element of any negligence claim is to determine that the other party owed you a duty of care to keep you safe from harm. In the occurrence of a drunk driver car accident the other driver owed you a duty to make sure they were fit to drive without becoming a hazard. 

When a driver is drunk, they are often impaired to the point where they are unable to react quickly or they become a danger to others due to erratic driving. When a driver is suspected of DUI it is considered a breach of duty in your Georgia injury claim.

They have been accused of negligence in finding alternative transportation
when they are unfit to drive. This can be critical evidence in your injury claim but only if you can obtain the official proof that they were accused of DUI by the authorities.

Showing evidence of breach of duty is part of the challenge of pursuing a DUI accident claim and you must do so on top of providing evidence that your injuries were a result of that breach. Negligence cases are rarely resolved without some sort of challenge by the other party, which is where a Fulton injury law firm can help provide you with support.

Even though DUI convictions are strong examples of driver negligence you will still need to provide proof of the negligence that caused your accident with a driver accused of DUI.  

DUI Car Accident in Fulton - an Injury Law Firm Can Help Victims

After a serious or fatal car accident you and your family may be dealing with the grief of serious injury, loss of a loved one, and financial burdens. During this difficult time it’s easy to get frustrated with your situation – you didn’t deserve to suffer because of the negligence of another!

At Shane Smith Law we help accident victims seek justice after they’ve suffered injury and losses because of negligent drivers such as those guilty of DUI
. We have helped Atlanta accident victims with cases of accidents caused by drunk and negligent drivers as well as other accidents resulting in serious or fatal injury. 

Before making the decision to hire a lawyer, request a copy of our FREE eBooks on 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case, property damage, and what to avoid in a Georgia car accident claim. Our guides contain valuable information on how to handle filing a claim for serious injuries or wrongful death. When you’re ready to get started on your Atlanta car accident claim, contact us to set up a FREE consultation – 770-487-8999.
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