Traffic accidents sometimes occur due to one party’s unfortunate mistake. However, when alcohol is a factor as to why an auto accident occurs, it isn’t considered a simple driver mishap. Instead, alcohol is considered an aggravating factor in car crashes. This leads to harsher sentencing for the wrongdoer and an increase in the value of a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim settlement or verdict.

For example, if you suffered a herniated disc and serious back and neck injuries in a Georgia car crash, you may receive a certain value for your injury claim. If the same injuries were caused by a drunk driver, then this aggravating factor would increase the value of your claim. In order to have access to a larger settlement or jury verdict, you need an attorney on your side who understands your rights and has previously fought for victims of drunk driving crashes – seeking punitive damages. 

Punitive damages are awarded to keep the defendant from repeating the crime or act that caused your injuries. A skilled Georgia DUI injury attorney will help you file your claim to make sure you receive the highest possible compensation to which you are entitled.

Additional Financial Liability in Alcohol-Related Crashes

An Atlanta DUI victim attorney may be able to find an additional party liable for your injuries. In some circumstances, the Georgia Dram Shop Act may apply. When a clearly intoxicated customer is served alcohol and later is involved in a collision where someone is injured or killed, then the bar, restaurant or owner may have some financial liability.

Additionally, you may be entitled to damages through the State’s victim assistance compensation program. A skilled attorney will know whether you qualify for this program and can help you recover any additional financial compensation that may apply to your case. 

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