Georgia nontrafffic crashes refer to car crashes that occur when a vehicle is out of traffic.  More than 98,000 injuries a year occur from this type of accident.  Nontraffic crashes include crashes on private roads, crashes in parking lots, crashes in driveways and single vehicle accidents that occur somewhere other than highways. 
One third of nontraffic crashes involved pedestrians and bicyclists. The most common type of non-traffic crash is a back-over pedestrian accident. More than 200 pedestrians a year are killed in back-over crashes. Half of these victims are children
You can learn about preventing back-over crashes in the article: "Fulton County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: Avoiding Atlanta-Area Back-Over Accidents".
Because non-traffic crashes occur when the vehicle is running, these accidents are usually covered by the driver's insurance. But if you are a victim of an Atlanta nontraffic crash, you may have to fight to get a fair settlement.   
Atlanta pedestrian accident attorney Shane Smith can help you get compensation for your medical costs, pain and suffering, property damage and other losses.  Contact Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999.
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