A hit and run pedestrian accident on a highway, interstate or other type of road where vehicles are traveling at a high speed can be complicated. One of the first questions raised is why a pedestrian was walking in, or crossing, such a dangerous area. If you have concerns about your legal rights, contact a personal injury law firm in Peachtree City. 

When a Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident Happens on a Highway or Interstate 

While many people’s first reaction is that there is not a valid reason for anyone to walk in these areas, keep in mind that the individual’s car may have broken down and he or she may be waiting for a tow truck, walking to a gas station, or pushing the vehicle to the side of the road. There may even have been an accident and a driver or witness may have exited the vehicle to attend to an injured person. 

The complications in this type of case start with determining fault. If you were negligent as a pedestrian – such as running across a busy freeway simply to get to the other side – it could diminish any compensation you may be entitled to receive. You might find you are unable to recover anything in some cases. 

No matter where your hit and run pedestrian accident happened and the circumstances surrounding the accident, it is illegal to leave the scene and the driver could face penalties. If you are a victim of one of these drivers, speak with an attorney. 

Seeking Help from a Peachtree City Personal Injury Law Firm 

The Georgia Department of Transportation has indicated that the number of fatal pedestrian accidents in the state is expected to go beyond last year’s number of 124. As of the end of summer, there had already been 82 pedestrian deaths. 

Contact Shane Smith Law at (770) 487-8999. We will evaluate your case to determine fault and if there are legal options available to recover damages if you were a pedestrian victim of a hit and run driver.

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