If you are injured or hit by a drunk driver in Atlanta you will probably receive a subpoena ordering you to come to court and testify about what happened in the car accident.  Many dui victims think they will get restitution and that the drunk driver will get punished a lot worse than if he was just stopped by the police.  We tell you how to know whether you need to show up in court or not at the drunk driver's criminal hearing and what to expect.
     As a general rule here in Atlanta, Georgia, we tell our drunk driving victims not to expect justice at the drunk driver's hearing.  We tell them to look for justice and punishment in the civil court case.  Why do we recommend this?  Read from just one example of what happened to a client of ours who was hit by a drunk driver in Riverdale Georgia .  We have had numerous cases where the drunk driver was not punished any where near enough for the damages he caused our drunk driving accident clients.  
     The criminal justice system doesn't punish drunk drivers enough.  That is why we have a mandatory minimum punishment for drunk drivers in Georgia.  It still is not enough.  You would be amazed at how light the sentence can be even if they put you or a loved one in the hospital.  Read about the the drunk drivers criminal hearing and the process in Georgia.  Find out why you should speak to the judge and solicitor, but why it won't get rid of the anger and injury you have from the drunk driver.
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