If you have found yourself on the ground at a public store—such as a grocery store, retail store, or commercial building—you may be a victim of a Norcross slip and fall accident. In order to determine if you have a valid case, you need to take pictures of the accident scene.


What Type of Pictures You Take Matter


While you may not have a professional camera on you at the time of your fall, the pictures you take from your cell phone will do justice so long as you capture two types of photographs. First, you will need a close-up picture of the dangerous flooring condition that caused your Norcross slip and fall. Second, you need to capture the scene. By taking a photo from further back, it will show that there were no caution signs warning people to avoid this dangerous area.


If you don’t have a camera on you or a cell phone equipped with a camera, ask someone with you to take photographs of the scene or ask a witness to take pictures and email you. Photographs of the accident scene are very important in a premises liability case. Equally, videos play an important role in slip and fall cases as well.


Most stores have video cameras monitoring their premises, and there is a possibility that a video camera could have caught your slip and fall accident on tape. Unfortunately, you may not know if there is video of your accident because the store will not freely tell you or hand over this information to you. By getting a lawyer involved, he can make sure the video from the entire day is preserved.


Even if video surveillance isn’t available, having photographs of your Georgia slip and fall accident are important to your claim. For help holding the store liable for your injury, contact Shane Smith Law for a free consultation with a Norcross slip and fall attorney today at (770) 487-8999.

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