You may enjoy a good glass of wine with your meal or want to join your friends for a drink during happy hour after work. Sounds harmless, right? Not if one or two drinks are too many for you, and your blood alcohol content exceeds the legal limit of .08 BAC in Georgia.

The Number of Alcoholic Drinks Impacts People Differently

To give a completely hypothetical situation, let’s say a 160-pound male drinks two beers within one hour. As a result, he may have a .04 BAC, which is within the legal limit. However, if that same male had four beers within the same amount of time, he may exceed .08 BAC, making him eleven times more likely to cause an Atlanta drunk driving accident than a sober driver. If that same man had six beers within one hour, he will be over .10 BAC and is about 48 times more likely to cause a crash.

If a 120-pound female drinks two beers within one hour, she may be close to the legal limit in Georgia. The number of alcoholic drinks affects people differently depending on their weight, how much food they had to eat, and various other factors. Even consuming one alcoholic drink may be one too many for some people. 

Sobering Statistics

About 30 people in this nation die each day in alcohol-related accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is equivalent to one death every 48 minutes. When a drunk driver gets behind the wheel of his or her car, he or she should suffer the criminal penalties and be held accountable in a civil suit as well. 

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