For parents who have lost a child to a drunk driving crash, they often wish it could have been them and not their child. The feeling of guilt sets in and questions such as “Why didn’t I leave the house just five minutes later?” consumes their minds. 

It is perfectly normal for parents to grieve and cry constantly when they lose a child to a careless drunk driver. Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen. However, parents in this horrific situation need to remember that they should not blame themselves. Rather, they need to stand up for what’s right following such a tragedy and be their child’s voice. 

If Your Son or Daughter Was a Fatal Georgia DUI Victim

You will most likely be depressed, sad, and may not feel like doing much of anything. However, you need to get even instead of giving up. By this we don’t mean taking the law into your own hands. Instead, it is the law that you will want to embrace to pursue a civil lawsuit against the drunk driver for your family’s damages.

While you may feel like your life is over, now that your child is gone, you may find strength in helping to seek justice on behalf of your son or daughter. During this time, it is wise to rely on a skilled Atlanta DUI victim attorney to help guide you through this process so that you can seek justice and collect damages for your losses and pain and suffering. 

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