Booster seats are designed for children age four to eight who are too big for a regular car seat, but aren't large enough to use an adult seat belt. A child using only a seat belt is twice as likely to be injured in an Atlanta car crash as a child in a properly-fitted booster seat.


A booster seat works by positioning the car's seat belt so it fits the child. If the seat belt is not properly positioned, the child can slide out from the seat belt or sustain internal injuries from the seat belt during an Atlanta highway accident.


According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, half of the booster seats on the market may not properly position the seat belt. Forty one car seats are rated "check fit," which means the seat belt position may not be safe in every vehicle. How can you know that your child's booster seat is safe?


Atlanta car accident lawyer Shane Smith gives these tips:


  • Make sure your child uses both a lap belt and a shoulder belt when in the booster seat.

  • The seat belt should fit the child snugly.

  • When the seat belt is properly positioned, the lap belt should lie flat and on top of a child's upper thighs and the shoulder belt should cross at the middle of a child's shoulder. The belt should never cross the abdomen, neck, or face because it can cause serious internal injuries in those positions.

  • Never allow your child to tuck the shoulder belt behind his back or under his arm. If the shoulder belt fits uncomfortably, this may be a sign that the belt is in the wrong position. Your booster may come with a belt guide to keep the belt on the shoulder. Use this rather than a separate "belt adjuster." Car seat accessories are not regulated and can compromise safety.


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