The decision to hire an Atlanta personal injury lawyer is not one that should be made spur-of-the-moment. In Columbus, Georgia, an accident lawyer often offers free consultations to potential clients to help them make the decision to seek legal guidance in settling their personal injury claim.

In the case of an accident caused by a drunk driver, you are much better off seeking professional help from a personal injury lawyer who understands the nuances of a drunk driver accident claim. This type of injury claim can be drastically different from a regular car accident claim and therefore requires a certain kind of lawyer to get the best guidance possible.

You should take advantage of the fact that most confident Atlanta personal injury lawyers offer free consultations to their clients. This helps both client and lawyer decide if there is a viable claim to pursue and if you make a good client-lawyer match. 

During the consultation, make sure that you ask all the questions you have about the settlement process and also that you’re comfortable working with that particular lawyer – injury claims can take months to settle!

Having a Columbus, Georgia, accident lawyer on your side not only gives you an additional resource for help and understanding through the claims process, but they can also help you seek a higher settlement than a claim settled on your own. 

Contact a Columbus, Georgia Accident Lawyer

After a serious or fatal car accident you and your family may be dealing with the grief of serious injury, loss of a loved one, and financial burdens. During this difficult time it’s easy to get frustrated with your situation – you didn’t deserve to suffer due to the negligence of another!

The Atlanta personal injury lawyers at Shane Smith Law are lawyers that get it; we know the frustration our clients are experiencing when dealing with insurance companies. 

Many of our clients don’t know how to hire a lawyer, that’s why we offer 2 FREE guides, I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver: What Do I Do Next? and 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case. Our guides contain valuable information on how to handle filing a claim for serious injuries or wrongful death caused by a negligent driver and how a personal injury lawyer can benefit your claim. When you’re ready to get started on your claim, contact us to set up a FREE consultation – 770-487-8999.

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