Through automatic on-board recording devices, data is recorded that can sometimes help in proving truck driver negligence after a truck accident. To learn which types of evidence that may be necessary in your specific case, contact accident attorneys in Peachtree City today. 

Statistics Georgia Drivers Need to Know about Truck Accidents 

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the number of fatalities stemming from large truck accidents decreased slightly from 3,889 in 2010 to 3,661 in 2011. These accidents may be especially serious given the size of the truck and relatively smaller size of passenger vehicles. But risk for an accident may increase if the driver is fatigued. 

Information Recorded on Automatic On-Board Recording Devices 

The on-board recording device records various datum to help ensure compliance with federal trucking regulations such as hours of service intended to reduce driver fatigue. 

The following are some of the types of information available through automatic on-board recording devices: 

  • total hours;
  • starting time;
  • times driver was on and off duty;
  • when sleeper berth was used;
  • total miles driven; and
  • name of motor carrier. 

This information is important because it can show if the driver went over the number of hours allowed behind the wheel. Not only does this indicate a violation, but it could be used as truck accident evidence

Since automatic on-board recording devices can be very helpful in establishing liability, some companies may attempt to alter or erase the data. To preserve all evidence, seek legal counsel immediately to obtain this data as soon as possible.  

Contacting Accident Attorneys in Peachtree City 

Contact the Shane Smith Law at 770-487-8999 to discuss the circumstances of your case. An attorney can help determine if you may be due compensation for damages stemming from the truck accident. We can explain how automatic on-board recording devices can help as evidence.

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