Every year, many people make their way from Georgia to Florida and back for spring break. However, some college students can’t leave their jobs for the week so they party near Georgia State University, Georgia Gwinnett College, or one of the many other private or public colleges and universities throughout the state.

The good news is that Georgia has a zero tolerance for people driving intoxicated and officials emphasize this point during spring break in Georgia. The message “Don’t drink and drive” is conveyed to drivers in many cities across the state as part of the roadblock campaign to urge college students not to drive drunk over spring break.

The state embraces roadblocks and sobriety checkpoints to help stop drunken drivers and save innocent motorists from becoming Georgia DUI victims. When police cite drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol, they are able to stop those drivers from being potential threats to other motorists on the road. However, these roadblocks aren’t everywhere and don’t capture all intoxicated drivers in this state.

Unfortunately, some drunken drivers aren’t caught in time and crash into other vehicles. Even though there are DUI task forces in Gwinnett County and other counties throughout this state that are trained to intercept drunk drivers, wrecks may occur before police officers can stop every drunken driver.

If you were injured or if your family member was killed by a drunken driver this past spring break, you need to speak with a qualified Norcross DUI victim attorney at Shane Smith Law today at (770) 487-8999 for a free consultation today.

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