If you've been involved in an Atlanta DUI car crash, you have a lot to deal with.  You may be worried about your damaged car and getting an insurance check, but your health should be your primary concern.  You should see a doctor to screen for hidden injuries.
Another reason to see a doctor is that if that waiting before seeking medical attention may devalue your insurance claim.  If you wait to seek treatment for your injury, for the car insurance company may not take your claim seriously. The insurance companies may tell a jury that if you were seriously hurt, you would have been seen a doctor as soon as possible.  Most jurors don't know about hidden injuries and expect to see medical records starting immediately after the crash.
The extent of your injuries doesn't change the fact that the driver drove while under the influence and put lives at risk.  Don't let the driver get off the hook because of insurance company tricks.  Protect your claim and get medical treatment.
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