After a car accident, you suffer not only the physical results but the financial ones, too. You have bills for medical treatments, repair costs for your car, and much, much more. That’s why many people seek compensation through a car accident claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. In order to do that successfully though, you have to prove negligence on the other driver’s part. This is best done with the help of an Atlanta car accident lawyer.  

Attorney Shane Smith shares the four elements of negligence that must be proved in a car accident claim: 

  • Duty of care – It must be established that the driver had a duty to the victim, as well as other drivers on the road, to operate the vehicle safely and with reasonable care.
  • Breach of that duty – The driver failed to drive responsibly and breached their duty to show reasonable care toward others sharing the roadway.
  • Causation – The driver’s breach of duty directly caused or contributed to the accident and resulting injuries.
  • Damages – The victim suffered losses, damages or injuries from the accident. You need to be able to show monetary losses or proof of physical injury. 

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