According to the United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety, at least 77,000 of the approximately 141,000 truck crashes in 2011 could be blamed on driver error. Truck accident injuries are often severe due to a truck's size and weight and are difficult to avoid because of long stopping distances required by tractor trailers. If you are the victim of a truck accident it is important to have an experienced truck accident attorney in Clayton County.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, an 81-year-old pickup truck driver recently made a dangerous left turn in front of an oncoming tractor trailer. The big rig was unable to stop in time and the pickup truck was pushed onto the shoulder. In attempting to avoid hitting the pickup truck the big rig struck another pickup truck. Both the 81-year-old driver who made the dangerous left turn and the 23-year-old driver of the second truck were killed in the accident.

If you or someone you know has been hurt by a truck driver, meet with a big rig accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law. We can assist you in every stage of your case including obtaining the available evidence.

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