If you have lost a loved one to a Georgia DUI accident, the sadness and grief that you feel may be at the center of your life. These feelings will never completely go away, but over time the pain will become more bearable. If the pain of your loss becomes so severe and persistent that it keeps you from resuming your normal life, you may be suffering from a condition called complicated grief. Those who suffer from complicated grief remain in an intense state of mourning for months or even years after a death.
What are the symptoms of complicated grief?

  • Denial or disbelief of the Georgia DUI accident or of the death
  • Imagining that the loved one continues to live
  • A yearning for the deceased
  • Searching for the loved one 
  • Constant thought or images of the loved one 
  • Avoiding places, people, and things that are reminders of the loved one
  • Feeling extreme anger or bitterness over the death
  • Feeling that life is empty or meaningless without the loved one

If you or a family member shows signs of complicated grief after losing a loved one to a drunk-driving accident in Georgia, it is important to seek professional help. If untreated, complicated grief can lead to emotional damage, depression, health problems, and, in some cases, suicide. With treatment, the family member can learn to accept the death and move on with his or her life.
In some cases, getting accountability for the death can help. To learn how a Georgia wrongful death lawsuit can help you find justice, contact a Georgia DUI victim attorney at Shane Smith Law. Call 866-976-1629 and ask to schedule a free consultation.

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