If meeting with a pedestrian accident attorney in Atlanta, you will need to bring any documentation you have pertaining to the crash and your injuries. This can help an attorney decide what the cause of your pedestrian accident was and the types of damages you may be entitled to seek.

Documents Necessary in a Pedestrian Accident Case

The following are documents that you should bring when you first meet with a pedestrian accident attorney:

  • contact information of drivers and witnesses;
  • photographs of accident scene, damaged vehicle or injuries;
  • medical records;
  • police report;
  • doctor/hospital bills;
  • drivers' insurance information; and
  • anything else relevant to your injuries or accident.

You will need to speak with a pedestrian accident attorney in Atlanta as soon as possible. Protecting your rights is best done by seeking legal counsel. 

Seeking Help from a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Atlanta  

You might be surprised at where most pedestrian accidents happen and the impact of weather. In 2010, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 79 percent of pedestrian fatalities didn’t occur at an intersection and 88 percent happened on a clear or cloudy day.

No matter the circumstances surrounding your accident, contact Shane Smith Law at 1-404-513-5415. You can protect your rights by securing help from a pedestrian accident attorney in Atlanta.

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