As the summer comes to a close, many families will be making last minute trips to nearby waterparks for a few last days of fun in the sun. Waterparks in the area have many attractions, such as thrilling waterslides, lazy rivers, wave pools, and more. Unfortunately, with those attractions also comes the risk of serious injuries in accidents.

Waterpark accidents can happen for many reasons. Sometimes, the patron is at fault because he or she does not follow safety instructions or simply had an accident due to clumsiness. Other times, however, an injury occurs because another party acted in a negligent fashion. Some examples of negligence at a waterpark may include the following:

  • Inadequate supervision by lifeguards or other staff
  • Error on the part of the staff
  • Failing to perform necessary inspections and maintenance on the premises
  • Having dangerous hazards in walkways or on the premises that may cause slip and fall accidents
  • Food poisoning from concessions stands
  • Reckless driving of golf carts or other park transportation equipment
  • Incorrect chemicals in pools and on slides
  • Allowing unsupervised young children in pools or on slides
  • Allowing too many patrons in a certain attraction

These are only some of the ways waterpark employees can be negligent and cause accidents and injuries. If you believe that a waterpark owner or employee contributed to your accident, you deserve to recover for all of your injury-related losses.

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