Many times, when clients are involved in a car accident, one of the first things a doctor or even a car accident attorney will want to know is do you have med-pay or medical payment coverage.  This is coverage that will pay for you to go to the doctor or chiropractor after a car accident.  This coverage can apply even if the car accident was your fault.  It can provide benefits to your passengers also. 
     This type of coverage can make it much easier to find a doctor to treat you if you do not have health insurance.  Many times it is not expensive and several thousand dollars worth of coverage can be bought for less than $20 a month.  This can greatly increase the amount you receive through a car accident case here in Atlanta.  Some states do not allow this type of coverage on the automobile policies that are sold in their state but Georgia does allow this. 
     I always recommend that my clients get a quote for this when they renew their car insurance policies.  If my clients do not have health insurance then it is almost always a good idea.  If you are in a car accident you shouldn't be worry about how to pay for a trip to the emergency room or whether or not you can afford to see a chiropractor for your back and neck pain.  Get coverage so you will know that no matter what, whether the car accident was your fault or not, that your health will not suffer.
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