Car seats and seat belts are the best way to protect a child from injury in an Atlanta car crash. In fact, more than half of all children who are injured in car crashes are not restrained.


Researchers from UCLA looked at statistics relating to child car crash injury in National Trauma Database records from 2002 to 2006. The team, led by Rebecca Stark, MD, presented its results at the American Academy of Pediatrics' national conference.


The study, "Are There Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Use of Restraints and Outcomes in Children Following Motor Vehicle Crashes?" involved records for 37,375 children under the age of 16. Researchers looked at injuries and seat belt use by ethnic group. They found that black, Hispanic and Native American children have lower rates of seat belt and car seat use than white and Asian children. These children were also at greater risk for car accident-related injuries.


There was an overall injury rate of seven percent. Children who were restrained were less likely to sustain injury, and had injuries that were less severe than those sustained by children who were not wearing a seat belt. Children who were not wearing a seat belt or in a car seat were more likely to require emergency surgery, suffer permanent disability, or die from their injuries.


Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of childhood death in the United States. But, putting your child in a car seat does not always prevent injury; almost three-quarters of child restraints not installed or used correctly.


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