Labor Day is often the holiday associated with the end of summer. For many people, it is the last time they grill in their backyards with their friends and family until the following summer. Unfortunately, Labor Day celebrations generally end up with people consuming alcohol all day long, then getting into their vehicles to drive home.

Because it is known that this is a holiday in which many drunk drivers take to the streets, police across Georgia ramp up their law enforcement efforts to help keep innocent motorists safe from impaired drivers. Even with a bigger police presence, some motorists still drive drunk and cause traffic injuries and fatalities.

Over the 78-hour travel period for the 2013 Labor Day holiday weekend , the results were as follows:

  • 14 traffic deaths
  • 443 crashes
  • 226 injuries
  • 225 drivers arrested for DUI

Police conducted more traffic stops this year than last year; however, less people were arrested this year on drunk driving charges. Sadly, there was one additional death than compared to last year’s 13 fatalities.


If you were injured by a drunk driver over Labor Day or any holiday, or your loved one was killed because someone had too many alcoholic drinks before getting behind the wheel, you need to hold that reckless person liable. Call an experienced Georgia DUI victim attorney to find out about your rights to pursuing justice. You can reach Shane Smith Law for a free consultation today at 770.487.8999 to learn more.

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