Sometimes "sorry" is a magic word.  Saying sorry can get you out of hot water with your wife, your parents, or your friends.  But, never say you're sorry after a Cobb County car crash.
The scene of a car crash is chaotic.  There are wrecked cars, injuries and traffic to deal with.  Immediately after a crash, it is hard to tell who is at fault and what exactly happened.

On top of the external confusion, your body is producing stress hormones and may be fighting shock.  Everyone's emotions are running high.  This is not the time to say something that may be held against you in the future.   
Saying "Sorry" may imply that you are taking the blame. Any statement made at the scene can be held against you in court. Even if you feel that you caused the accident, this is not the time to admit fault.  Wait until you've had a chance to calm down and reflect about what happened before making any statements about the accident.
So what should you say to the other driver?  Ask if they are injured and need help.  Call 911 if necessary and then limit your conversation to the exchange of contact and insurance information.  Give them your name, phone number, and insurance information.
You can learn more about what not to do after a car crash in Cobb County accident attorney Shane Smith's book, 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case.
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