If in an accident in Peachtree City, a personal injury attorney can explain any applicable laws and how they may impact your case. Child seat belt laws, for instance, are very strict. All 50 states require child safety seats, and the fines for non-compliance can be steep. The fines can include fees and points on one’s driving record. Each state has its own laws based on the child’s age, weight and height. All Georgia parents should be aware of the requirements for their child.  

There are three types of child safety restraints. Rear-facing child seats are for infants. Toddlers who have outgrown infant seats will advance to forward-facing seats. Older children who meet certain height requirements will then move on to a booster seat. Children must remain in a booster seat until they have grown tall enough so that the vehicle’s seat belt fits them properly between the hips and collarbone. Many experts recommend that all children under age 12 sit in the back seat of the vehicle, where they are the safest. 

Georgia seat belt law requires children under the age of 8 and under 57 inches tall to use a child restraint in the rear seat. Children who are taller than 57 inches and weigh more than 40 pounds can use a lap belt only if the vehicle does not have a lap/shoulder belt available. The fine for the first offense is $50. A second offense increases to $100. 

Child seat belt and safety restraint laws are very important for your child’s safety. What’s more, a violation could impact your personal injury claim if you are in an accident. Contact a PeachtreeCitypersonal injury lawyer from Shane Smith Law. Call today at 1-404-513-5415 and ask about our free booklet, 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Car Wreck Case.

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