If you suffer injuries from a truck accident and file a claim, be prepared for defenses. The trucking industry is notorious for fraud. There have been many cases of trucking companies trying to defraud insurance companies and injured victims to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses. Do not let them destroy your truck accident claim. Get help from Peachtree City truck accident attorneys

An epidemic among truck drivers is the use of fraudulent licenses. Many scams prey on immigrants by getting them to pay for a fraudulent license. This is a huge safety concern because the inexperienced truck drivers are driving huge trucks on the road with other cars and cause many fatal truck accidents. 

Evidence tampering is another type of fraud common in the trucking industry. Liability in a truck accident equals increased insurance rates and expenses, so companies may try to hide evidence of an accident. Drivers may leave the accident scene before an inspector arrives or tamper with a driver’s logbook, accident report or the black box in the truck that contains information about speed and braking patterns. For more information, read our article about truck drivers with fraudulent licenses.  

If you are a victim of a truck accident in Georgia, you need legal representation. For Peachtree City truck accident attorneys, contact the Shane Smith Law. Our team will give your case the attention it deserves. Call us today at 404-513-5415, and ask about our free booklet 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case.

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