Pedestrian accident injuries have always been a concern, especially since pedestrians do not have any protection surrounding them in the event of a car-pedestrian accident. Because 12 percent of traffic fatalities in America are pedestrians and because the most fatal pedestrian injuries in Georgia and across the U.S. are to the head, Volvo has introduced the world’s first pedestrian airbag to help prevent pedestrian head injuries and fatalities. 

In a release, Volvo stated that the most serious head injuries to pedestrians are caused by the hard structure under a vehicle’s hood, the windshield’s lower edge and the A-pillars. To help reduce the seriousness of pedestrian injuries, Volvo designed a pedestrian airbag for the V40. 

How the Pedestrian Airbag Works

There are seven sensors in place in the front of the car that transmit signals. The signals tell the control unit if the car comes in contact with an object or person. Once the control unit interprets the signal, the pedestrian airbag deploys if a pedestrian is involved. 

When the airbag deploys, it cushions the hard components of the windshield, the wipers and the lower part of the A-pillars. The system also raises the hood and activates an airbag, providing a gap between the engine components and hood. 

As an Atlanta pedestrian injury lawyer, I am pleased to see this new technology and hope other auto manufacturers plan on creating similar technology to help reduce pedestrian injuries in the event of a pedestrian accident. Until then, injured pedestrians in Georgia should contact Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 for a free consultation today. 

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