Not all car accident injury claims go to trial; in fact, many people who file personal injury cases receive settlements long before going to court. However, though this is true for the majority of cases, having an Atlanta car accident attorney on your side to help you navigate the personal injury case process and ensure that you receive a fair settlement is extremely important.  

When a party wants to spare the expense of a trial or finds that his or her pre-trial motions are unsuccessful, he or she may attempt to settle the case. This can be done through a mediator or team of mediators who review the facts of the case and help both parties reach a settlement agreement. 

If neither party is happy with the settlement (for example, the defendant may think it is too high or the plaintiff believes it to be too low), the case may go to trial to be decided by a jury. 

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Reaching a settlement may be the best possible option in a personal injury case. To ensure that a settlement is in your best interest, you should have an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney on your side. Shane Smith Law help car accident victims like you recover damages for their injuries. Click here for our guide I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver: What Do I Do Next? or call our law office today at 1-770-487-8999 for assistance with your claim.

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