Each year, drowsy driving causes approximately 56,000 car accidents. These crashes result in many injuries and fatalities that may have been preventable. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers many suggestions for reducing the occurrence of these accidents. The following is an overview of these measures and how they can prevent Atlanta car accidents caused by drowsy drivers.

  • Behavioral interventions:

Get enough sleep every night before driving
Plan travel routes ahead of time, allowing for sufficient nap breaks
Avoid alcohol before driving and when sleepy
Consume caffeine prior to driving

  • Medical interventions:

Obtain treatment from a specialist for narcolepsy and sleep apnea

  • Alerting devices:

Install shoulder rumble strips in high-speed, controlled-access, and rural roads
These strips reduce crashes by approximately 30 to 50%
The rips are low-cost

  • Employer interventions:

Employers should offer education about drowsy driving
Employers should avoid scheduling shift workers for longer than 8 hour shifts
Schedule regular rest periods throughout the shifts
Allow and facilitate napping for night shift workers

  • Improve day time sleep for night shift workers:

Use white noise, light darkening shades, and answering machines to improve quality of sleep
Get regular exercise, which improves feelings of fatigue

  • Bright light treatments:

Exposure to bright light can help shift workers and jet lag sufferers with sleep disruption
Results in longer, uninterrupted sleep

Each year, many people will be the victims of an Atlanta car crash caused a drowsy driver. If you were involved in such a crash, contact an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney at 404-513-5415 for a free consultation.

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