Car Wrecks damage not only the person but also the vehicles of those involved.  Many times, getting your car fixed after an Atlanta car accident is the first thing on your mind.  Visit us at to find out more about your rights during this time.  Many times, a car accident victim's emotions are running high and all you can think about is getting your car back.  Do you have to do a recorded statement to get your car fixed?  The short answer is no, but please check us out to find out why not.  Sometimes insurance adjuster want you to sign a quick release based on an eyeball check of the damage.  Will this cover all of the broken things on your car?  Please keep in mind that the insurance adjuster is the one writing up the estimate, every dollar he says on those estimates is pure profit for his company.  If you sign a quick release that doesn't fix all the internal damage on your car you will be out of luck.  Once you sign a release your property damage claim is over.  Please check out our information prior to settling your property damage claim from your Atlanta or Georgia car accident. 
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