When you have been seriously injured in an accident inAtlanta, you may be entitled to compensation. To establish a strong case, however, you need adequate evidence. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help. 

After you have received medical treatment for your injuries, don’t take it for granted that the information is correct. It is important you ask your doctor for copies of your medical records so you can review everything to ensure the records are not only accurate, but also thorough. 

Examine the description of the accident you provided to the doctor. If you indicated you experienced a sharp pain in your back, make sure that was noted. All of your symptoms need to be recorded because medical documents will be used as evidence

In addition, make sure your medical history is correct. This includes ensuring any pre-existing conditions are noted. If you try to hide them, it could hurt your case in the future. 

After you have been injured in an accident, seek medical treatment and then verify the documentation is correct. These steps could help protect your personal injury case.  

After You Have Been Injured in an Atlanta Accident 

When you or someone you love has sustained serious injuries caused by someone else’s negligence in an Atlanta accident, you should know your rights. The Shane Smith Law can provide you with valuable tips on how to protect your case, free of charge, including:  10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case and Property Damage Guide for Georgia. Contact our offices at 1-770-HURT-999 (1-770-487-8999).

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