Here in the south, summers are hot.  The occasional thunderstorm offers some relief from the heat, but they can also create dangerous driving conditions that can lead to Atlanta traffic accidents.
Cars and trucks leave a thin layer of oil, grease and tire residue on the roads.  As days go by with no rain, this layer builds up and becomes thicker. You can't see it, but when it starts to rain, the water breaks the oil and gas particles apart.  These float on top of the water and make a slick coating on the road.  The slippery conditions can cause skidding and hydroplaning.
Fortunately, as it continues to rain, the oil is "washed" away and to the sides of the road.  
As an Atlanta car crash attorney, I suggest using caution when it starts to rain, especially if it hasn't rained in several days.  Slow down, turn your headlights on, and allow more time and space to stop.   Watch out for puddles and, if necessary, pull off the road until conditions improve. For more wet weather  safety tips, read our article, "It's Raining, It's Pouring: Wet Weather Driving Tips For Georgia".
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