With Halloween behind us, fall is almost half over.  While we are still munching on our kids’ Halloween candy, many of us are eagerly awaiting the approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Typically, with the onset of these holidays, the weather gets cooler and driving becomes a bit more risky. There are several reasons why driving during these holidays is more dangerous, including:

  • Partygoers may have too many alcoholic drinks and drive home drunk.
  • More people are on the roads during the holiday time traveling to their relatives’ homes – creating more traffic.
  • People are often in a hurry to fit in all of their obligations that they may be speeding to get to their destinations.
  • Drivers may leave very early in the morning or too late at night and are affected by drowsy driving.
  • Rain generally occurs during this time of year, and rainy conditions make it difficult to see clearly – leading to a Georgia car accident.
  • Icy conditions could occur and cause drivers to lose control of their cars, making it difficult to stop and drive safely.
  • Winter weather conditions including black ice, freezing rain, and snow can cause road hazards and Atlanta auto accidents.

In order to stay safe during fall, winter, and these approaching holidays, get plenty of sleep before driving, don’t drive drunk, leave plenty of room when following another vehicle, don’t speed, be alert, and drive slower in winter weather conditions.

If you are injured in a holiday traffic accident in Georgia due to no fault of your own, call an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney for help getting the compensation you deserve. You can reach Shane Smith Law at 770-HURT-999 for a free consultation today.

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