A dog may be man’s best friend, but riding in a car with a dog can be dangerous. 
A recent study from AAA finds that dogs in the car can be a form of driver distraction, and the danger can lead to Atlanta car crashes. Two-thirds of dog owners say that they pet, feed, or play with their dogs while driving. 
According to the poll:
• 55% of dog owners say they have pet their dog while driving
• 21% have driven with their dog on the lap
• 7% have given a dog food and water while weaving through traffic
• 5% have played with the pet while driving
• Only 17% use a pet-restraint system
Like all family members, dogs need a “seat belt” Using a pet-restraint system prevents the dog from being flung through the car in an accident. This can cause injury to the dog as well as to any vehicle occupants who are hit by the dog.  According to AAA, if a 10-pound dog is loose in a car and the car crashes at 50 miles per hour, the dog could exert up to 500 pounds of pressure when it hits a passenger. That kind of force can cause serious injury even in a minor accident.
For more tips about driving safely with pets, click here.  
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