Slip-and-fall accidents in Roswell happen for many reasons, including slippery floors, unsecured floor mats, liquid spills, lack of maintenance, and negligence on the part of a property owner or property possessor. When any of these things occur, a victim can suffer a knee injury, such as an ACL tear. 

A torn ACL is not only painful, but it is a huge inconvenience. Victims of slips and falls that result in ACL injuries typically cannot walk, stand, drive, or even work, and they generally require surgery, rest, and physical therapy—taking months to fully recover. 

Because victims may miss out on income, life events, vacations, and daily activities, Georgia slip-and-fall victims should be compensated accordingly. Since knee injuries can negatively impact a person’s life, those responsible (e.g., grocery stores, restaurants, businesses, negligent property owners) should be held liable. 

Seek Serious Compensation for Serious Knee Injuries

Businesses or their insurance companies will often make victims feel like their knee injuries are not serious; however, any injury that produces pain, limits mobility, and causes victims to miss work is a serious injury and deserves serious compensation. 

If you have suffered a torn ACL in a Roswell slip-and-fall accident, you should speak with a skilled Georgia slip-and-fall attorney before agreeing to any settlement or signing any paperwork from the insurance company. ACL injuries can cost $10,000 or more in surgical costs and physical therapy expenses, and you deserve more than just your medical costs compensated. 

To find out what your case may be worth, contact a knowledgeable Roswell slip-and-fall lawyer at the Shane Smith Law at (770) 487-8999 for a complimentary consultation today.

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