We often tend to think of pedestrians as adults, but small children are considered pedestrians too. Many children walk to school, the park, or a friend’s house. While some children stick to residential streets, others have to cross major streets with fast moving motor vehicles. Whether they are alone, in a group with other children, or walking with their parents, their smaller size can be a disadvantage that could lead to serious Georgia pedestrian injuries.

Children are often more difficult for drivers to see because of their smaller size. Unfortunately, many drivers are not looking out for pedestrians, much less a child. When drivers speed up to make a left-hand turn before oncoming traffic, turn right without looking, speed past a stopped car at a crosswalk, or exit a parking lot without looking, children as well as adult pedestrians can suffer serious injuries.

Because of a child’s smaller size, a child’s face is often in line with the front bumper of a car. This location often causes child pedestrians to suffer upper body injuries when struck by a car. Upper extremity injuries are often more serious than lower extremity injuries because of the seriousness of head and neck injuries involved.

One of the most serious injuries a child can suffer in a Norcross pedestrian accident is a traumatic brain injury, which can lead to lifelong disabilities. If your child has suffered an upper extremity injury, brain injury, or any other serious injury in a Georgia pedestrian accident, please contact Shane Smith Law to speak with an experienced Norcross pedestrian injury attorney today at 770.487.8999 for a free case consultation.

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